​Free Advertising!

When you list your property with me, I will spend $1,000 or more, of my own cash, on YOUR property, to help you sell it FAST! And this is not some weak, puffed up advertising campaign just to fulfill my promise to you.

After closing on over 1,000 deals, I know how to move a property. I believe there are a hundred qualified buyers out there right now for your property, my job is to find the best one.

List with me and I will promote your property online to find buyers in little known corners of the web.

​​For more information on my $1,000 ad program, please call 847.833.5566.


We Focus Exclusively On Your Property By Advertising To

Targeted Groups Of People Who Would Be Most Likely To Buy.

One of my clients told me about their experience trying sell their property...

They had listed the home 4 times by now.

Each Realtor told them a different story and made promises that were never honored.

And every time the property went back on the market, the value went down a little more… buyers were getting skeptical that something was wrong with the house… and the buyers' agents were scratching their heads as well.

They called me in a panic and asked what I would do if I owned their property.

I said that I would expose the property to a broader market.

Their Realtors put the property on the MLS... which is very important... but not enough.

They needed to promote the property directly to potential buyers as well.

Most agents either spend money on ads by pooling your house with their other listings (only making themselves look good) or they do no advertising at all… and rely exclusively on the MLS.

Or, if a seller chooses, they will attempt to sell their property on their own. But they tend to waste money, on ads in the wrong places.

For maximum exposure, you should be doing both.

But after working with hundreds of sellers, I know that you are tempted by the idea of saving a commission. You (the seller) want to keep the commission if you find the buyer before the agent does.... but the agent does not agree to that because they are putting time, expertise, energy, and money into the listing.

I Advertise 'AND' List on the MLS

I put myself in your shoes and advertise the property as if it was my own.

And since the majority of actual sales come from the MLS, I do that as well.

Most Realtors only list property in the MLS & spend money on ads that promote themselves moreso than their listings.

Most "For Sale By Owner" sellers do some advertising, but not enough.

So I pump up the volume on what you would likely spend on your ad campaign AND I list your property on the MLS... giving you the best chance of finding the top paying buyer.

I will draw buyers to your property from places like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, direct Mail, display ads, newspapers, email blasts, cold calls, and more.

And I will spend AT LEAST $1,000 doing so.

I scour the marketplace for the right buyer at the right time who will pay top price… usually because they are emotional.

It is not as easy as saying “House For Sale at 123 Main St.”

Marketing a property for sale requires specialized knowledge about the marketplace… specialized knowledge about the target buyers.. specialized knowledge about your property… and LOTS of time and energy to manage all of the campaigns necessary to broadcast your property out into the marketplace.

Not only do I look high & low for the best buyer through a large advertising budget, I go much deeper than anyone else in research, to identify WHY the buyers are so motivated.

For example, a first time homebuyer is motivated in large part by the “American Dream”, “Pride of Ownership”, or “Equity build-up”. Whereas, a move-up buyer is mainly motivated by “Progress in life”, “Keeping up with the Joneses”, or “Lack of space in their current home”.

But most agents and FSBO sellers don’t think that through.

If you try to sell the right home to the wrong person, it still won’t sell.

So it is important that whoever attempts to sell your house understands “message to market match”.

THAT IS ME! I am first an advertising expert… and second a salesperson. 

When you list with me, you get the best of both worlds... and I take all the risk!

​My System - Step By Step

  • I research the market to find out who is most likely to buy your property for top dollar.
  • ​I build direct mail lists, email lists, call lists, pay per click campaigns, and use other media to target the ideal buyers.
  • ​I send them to my website which hosts a special page just for your property.
  • My website and my team pre-qualify the buyers to make sure they can afford your property so they do  not waste your time traipsing through your home only to find out later they were just kicking         tires.
  • ​We call buyers (or their agents) to request feedback and suggest they make an offer.
  • We advise you on price, terms, and market conditions during negotiations so you only make a deal with the right buyer at the right price. We represent YOU and will work diligently on your behalf to negotiate the best price & terms!
  • ​​We hold your hand all the way to the closing… and hold the buyers feet to the fire so there is a high probability they will not back out (much much higher probability because we have closed over 1,100 transactions now and have learned how to keep buyers motivated).

And of course, I do all of the traditional marketing activities like open houses, broker tours, for sale signs, newspaper ads, and even billboards and radio ads… which supplement the ads specifically designed for your property.

And none of this will cost you a dime

I spend my own cash on your property… and your property alone.

I have an in-house team of selling & marketing experts that I use to create unique, well-planned campaigns that are designed just for your property.

We use new, innovative approaches… these tie the online and the offline worlds together… so that you get maximum exposure.

Why is exposure so important?

Because you​ want top price.

We don’t know who or where the perfect buyer is unless we are willing to spend alot of resources digging deep to find them.

And who has the time to do all of that?

Not you!!!

You are busy with work, family, etc.., but this is all we do!!!

I have a team of 6 people that will be working diligently on your property

​​​To advertise for maximum exposure

To protect you from buyer negotiating tactics

​​​To coordinate the closing so that the buyer does not back out

To ​handle all calls, showings, and questions from attorneys, home inspectors, buyers' agents, appraisers, contractors, and other vendors

To protect you from buyer negotiating tactics

To pull resources from our database when you need them

To advise you on opportunities, trends, and news

To consult with you on the terms of the contract and give you ideas to negotiate your best overall deal, so you get top price AND best terms

For More Information on my $1,000 Ad Program, Please Call 847.833.5566

How Much Will This Cost?

Practically nothing! Here is why….

I charge the industry norm for commission, but attract more buyers... which means a higher selling price... which means my service pays for itself.

Also, I do not up-charge for this extra service. I keep my fees in line with the market…. and I would argue that I actually under-charge because the agent who can fetch more money should be rewarded with a higher commission…. but I keep my rates the same as the average Realtor who is doing far less marketing & advertising than I do… why?

2 reasons....

Because I care about my clients.

I want you to have such a great experience that you get excited to refer your friends to me (PSSST…. i will treat them with the same level of care).

Because it is the right thing to do.

Let's say you don't refer anyone to me... I would still do it.

I don’t have to know why or how it will benefit me in the future, but I just know that it will. I have noticed a pattern in life that whenever I serve someone expecting nothing in return, I always win too… even if it’s not in monetary format.

I love creating win-win situations! It makes life more enjoyable… for you and for me.

Wouldn't I be Better Of Spending $1,000 Myself


But I just don't see it work out. If you spend $1,000 on ads and it doesn’t work, it’s money lost. And you will most likely hire an agent after that and end up paying a commission anyways.

I have been doing this a while now and have a high confidence level in appraising properties and advertising. I know within a few % points how much your home will sell for… so as long as you are being realistic on your pricing, I am willing to take that $1,000 risk.

In addition, when you hire me, you get access to my resources.

After closing a thousand deals, I have some pretty good contacts. I know the best lawyers, lenders, appraisers, home inspectors, contractors, and every other service you can imagine.

Mi casa, su casa... my contacts, your contacts. If you trust me with selling your property, I trust you with my friends and I will connect you to the best resources that I can for each situation we face during the selling process.

Why FSBO deals don't usually work out

The seller has little to no marketing & advertising experience. They say the wrong things, attract the wrong people, waste time on buyers who are unqualified tire-kickers and waste their money.

They have little to no negotiating experience in Real Estate. They finally get an offer and either accept it prematurely which causes buyers remorse, or they play hard ball and the buyer finds another property during the delay tactics.

​They don’t know how to prepare their home for showings, home inspections, appraisals, and final inspections. The buyer, the buyer’s agent, or the buyer’s lawyer gets cold feet because the property has an issue and instead of trying to come up with a win-win solution, they back out.

​How do i know that you are the real deal?

I own First Class Realty. You may have seen my billboards around Lake & McHenry county. I have been around a while and my reputation is at stake.

Also, you should know…

I have around 30 agents that work for me at any given time… as well as a team of 6 that will directly support you during the selling process.

Together we have sold over 1,100 properties since 2012.

​I am a local, who is not going anywhere.

I grew up in Ingleside, went to school at St. Bede, then Carmel in Mundelein for High School, and Purdue University in Indiana for college.

​I have 2 kids and a beautiful wife. We live in Antioch and my office is in Lake Villa…. stop by whenever you want and meet my team.

​You will have my cell phone and you will have contact info for each member of my team in case you ever have a hard time reaching me (rare).

​And just to take away any risk, you can cancel at any time. If I do not produce a ton of showings or you feel that I do not live up to any of my promises, you will be able to cancel the listing agreement, I will take your property off the MLS, and cancel all ads… at no cost to you.

No Risk, cancel anytime

​Team system more support

​Access to my resources

​over 1000 deals closed

To get started, please call my office at 847.833.5566 and we will gather some info, evaluate your property and provide you with some preliminary tips.Thanks For Your Time!.

Sean Ronkoske

When you list your property with me, I will spend $1,000 or more, of my own cash, on YOUR property, to help you sell it for top dollar.

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